I am pleased to offer the new Blog site www.ConnectingtheDots.digital.
The name “Connecting the Dots” reflects my wish, and hopefully my ability, to connect information from disparate sources, combine that information in a way that is perhaps new, and complement it with my somewhat irreverent sense of humor mixed with a reasonable dose of cynicism. The purpose is to promote dialogue, and provoke thinking outside of the box, on many different topics.

I am English, resident in Colorado, and I have lived in Sierra Leone, Puerto Rico and Colombia as well as working in Kenya and most countries in Latin America. I also live part-time in Italy.
I hope this slightly unusual background gives me a expanded perspective on current events, cultures and world affairs. I believe it also helps me to poke fun at stupidities and allows me to slander inequities.

I have divided the Blog site into different topics, which you will see listed at the top of the first page. Each new blog will be listed under the topic called “This Week”. The following week those topics will be moved into their respective categories and a new set of “This Week” blogs posted.
Each Blog has a “Comments” box at the bottom and I would encourage you to let me know what you think, whether you agree with me or not.
The topics will vary considerably, from political commentary to world events, to the future of mankind. Some are just plain fun, but all, I hope, will be interesting.


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