My sceptical nature immediately surfaced when I heard the two recent announcements about peace initiatives in the Middle East.

     First, the United Arab Emirates announced a Peace Accord with Israel and then, a week or so later, Bahrain did the same thing.

     The fact that neither country was, or ever has been, at war with Israel, to my knowledge, makes the whole thing slightly ludicrous. When combined with Donald Trump trying to take credit for these events, and hosting a signing ceremony today, it has a slightly unpleasant aroma.

     The coincidence of the timing of the accords, the friendship of Trump and Netanyahu and their respective political needs for positive news, and the obvious underlying betrayal of the Palestinians together with the betrayal of the Arab States historical support for Palestine is just too much to swallow.

     It is blatantly obvious someone bought someone, and at a level the recipients couldn’t refuse. Free squadrons of F-16’s come to mind, to name just one possibility. (I learned a day or so after I wrote this that it’s F-35’s not F16’s)

     The only country with direct self-interest, that could possibly have pulled this off is the United States. It not only required a huge amount of money, or the equivalent, but a U.S. Administration that had the gall and the power to think it could get away with such blatant bribery, and for purely domestic political gain. Israel doesn’t have that sort of spare cash so there is only one possibility.

     I am not so naïve as to think that such high-stakes games don’t happen frequently in international relations. They absolutely do. However, when they are perpetrated by an individual using National coffers as his campaign bank account and, more than likely, stuffing his own personal bank and ego accounts in the process, it’s time to call foul.

     I guess it comes down to integrity with “down” being the appropriate word.

     The U.S. has a President whose single concern is his ego and, through that, his unwavering commitment to do anything to retain what he considers his rightful, even God-given, position as President of the United States.

     I have written before, and will do so again, that one of the real possibilities after the November 3rd election in the United States is that Donald Trump, if he loses, will try everything possible to stay in the White House, possibly indefinitely and to hell with protocol, democracy, the Constitution or anything else that might stand in his way. His idol, Vladimir Putin, has just pulled it off in Russia – President-for-life in a supposedly democratic country – so why not Donald Trump. I am as sure he thinks it’s his right, as I am sure he has an army of lawyers trying to figure out how he can do it.

     The Peace Accords with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain are just current examples of this megalomaniacal trend.

     Again, as I have said before, just because you’re/I’m paranoid, doesn’t mean we’re wrong. ikev2n����

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