I have written several blogs on the inevitability of some form of civil war in the United States if Trump doesn’t win the next election. I am now convinced that there will be some form of civil war even if he is elected next November. The radical policies, the subversion of the constitution, the use of the Department of Justice as his own personal vendetta instrument, and the attempted use of the military to enforce his every whim, will all, potentially, lead to a police state that is so anti-American that it is bound to have violent consequences.

      Since the conclusion is that we will soon descend into violence, all caused by Trump insatiable ego, I would suggest that, with suitable planning on how to handle it, we start it as soon as possible. The longer we procrastinate, the more difficult it will be to contain.

      I hope Joe Biden is already in deep conversations with the National Guard and the Army on contingency planning for the violence that Trump will certainly encourage, no matter what happens in the election. If Trump loses, such violence is an absolute certainty. If he wins, he will initiate changes that may require force to restore the American way of life and the constitutional democracy we cherish, flawed as it is.

      I cited in previous blogs, the paths that Julius Caesar, Hitler and Mussolini took to dictatorship, and how Trump is following those examples to the letter; making violence seem normal and then dehumanizing the opposition/enemy. The plans of his committee that is preparing strategies and actions for his next administration completely reflect those same paths. Worse, they are laying out in detail, who, what and when those strategies and actions will be implemented. “I will be a dictator on the first day only” Trump has stated publicly several times.


      The question then becomes how to go about promoting a civil war without being accused of doing it. It’s a drastic step, but sometimes drastic steps are the better of evils. In a blog last week, I cited a comment from Senator Angus King that stated Hitler could have been stopped at Sudetenland in 1938, at a relatively low cost, but no-one in a position of authority had the guts to face that opportunity – 55 million people died as a result of that reluctance/cowardice.

      I’m not suggesting such a strategy doesn’t pose the risk of the situation getting out of hand and ending with a situation much worse. However, carefully planned, and then executed in small steps, should at least be considered. November isn’t very far away, and anyone who thinks Trump losing isn’t going to result in nationwide violence, is delusional.

      The Pentagon has a large staff, and all the technological tools, to run every possible scenario in the case of war. Those systems are not perfect, as they have shown many times, but they could at least give the country some strategies for containing what could very well happen after the November 2024 election. Starting an inevitable civil war early could well be one of those strategies.

      This may sound like an irresponsible and dangerous suggestion, but not anticipating what appears to be an obvious consequence of the current political situation and trends – in other words, playing ostrich – is even more irresponsible and dangerous.

      Let’s hope someone, somewhere, is contingency planning at a level to stop such insurrection before it destroys democracy and the country. Stopping it could well include starting a controlled civil war. Such a plan could also serve as an effective blueprint for dealing with future Trumps.

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