The Congressional Moronic Society spectacle last week of showing up outside the courthouse in Manhattan where Donald Trump was on trial, has to go down as the highlight of the Society’s existence. The only thing missing was Majorie Taylor Greene in a clown outfit with a red tie. The Society’s acolytes all showed up in “Donald Trump” uniforms, and expressed their unmitigated support for their idol. (It would have been more appropriate if they had shown up in “Donald Duck” uniforms). The whole performance would have been pathetically amusing if it wasn’t so serious!

      Watching the spectacle on the ever-present, sensation-seeking media, I had to ponder the mentality of the “Donald Trump Congressional Fan Club”… and I use the term “mentality” lightly. I had to further wonder if these acolytes ever read a history book, or ever looked further ahead than their sound-bite noses.

      They have all been elected to the U.S. Congress, and although that status doesn’t automatically bestow any intellectual competence on its members, it does require a certain level of education to have survived the process of being elected.

      Given that, you would think they would realise that dictators only have loyalty to themselves; that is, ALL DICTATORS, WITHOUT EXCEPTION. Why would they think that Trump will be any different? He will discard them, when it suits him, without a second thought, as all dictators do. Why then, would they sell their souls to Trump? Are they just that stupid, or do they think they can buck history and, somehow, turn the situation to their advantage. History is littered with such attempts and 99.9% of them failed. (Nicki Haley saying publicly this week that she would vote for Trump is, in my opinion, her application for membership in the Congressional Moronic Society, and she isn’t even in Congress.)

      The only possible scenario I can think of that makes any sort of sense for these acolytes is “playing with fire” until Trump dies, and then inheriting his throne. (In Nicki Haley’s case, Trump may have offered her the Vice-Presidency and she accepted, with the same end in mind.) Even that far-fetched possibility is nonsense. History shows that acolytes are the first to go down when a dictator disappears.

      The only sane answer to my questions is that all members of the Society are myopically stupid. AND THEY REPRESENT OUR NATION!

      I have postulated before that education is the only feasible way of avoiding these sorts of leadership issues. In this sense, mankind in general, once it is out of school, is a lost cause. If the politicians of the future have not learned responsibility beyond themselves, humility, ethics, integrity and what public service should mean, by the time they leave school, they never will.

      High public office is addictive, seductive, tempting and unforgiving in the long run. It is also the biggest creator of a politician’s nemesis; namely megalomania. Supreme Court Justice Alito is only the latest example, following the excellent (excellently bad) example of his colleague, “Sponging Clarence”. Was Alito so stupid that he really thought he was immune from criticism if he flew the American flag upside-down, with all that implies. Of course not, it was pure arrogance brought on by the disease of megalomania. He doesn’t care because he thinks he is immune from any action….and, unfortunately, he is right.

      The examples of the Congressional Trump lookalikes and Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito should be a case-study for all “Civics” courses in U.S. public schools of the future, starting yesterday. You couldn’t make up better examples of how not to be a public servant. They are blatantly unrepentant, convinced that only they know best, and arrogantly self-centered to a degree that is amazing in a democracy.

      I suppose there is one advantage we have with the Congressional Moronic Society members over the Supreme Court “gods” – they can be unelected.

      I should add that the Congressional Moronic Society doesn’t actually exist, as far as I know, but its concept certainly does.

      Here endeth this week’s rant!

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