Donald Trump and the media make it obvious to everyone, opponents and supporters all, that he thrives on recognition. His history has always been about his image and his ego. Substance has played a distant secondary role. Starting with his entry into the “reality show” television world, this trait became more pronounced, more global, and far more obnoxious.

     His ascendentcy to the Presidency of the United States only exacerbated the trait, and four years in that office has made it far worse. As many have suggested, it’s all about him, and only about him. Even the successful cultivation of his supporter base has little to do with them, apart from them being a source of adoration to flatter his ego.

     He has now reached the point where, it appears, he believes it’s his right to remain in the White House, regardless of the will of the people.

     I have not heard it said anywhere, although I am sure/hope it has been discussed and anticipated, that he will use all means to stay in power. That includes rallying his base for an attempted armed coup. Hopefully not, but a definite possibility, given his attitude and actions to date.

     Looking to the future, his craving for attention, and obsession with self-promotion, is certainly obnoxious, but it also makes him potentially very vulnerable.

    In thinking about Donald Trump and the Media, what would happen if the media banded together. What if they said, “Enough of this blatant misinformation, illegal manoeuvres, lying, and self-centered crap. We will not mention his name for a week. By covering his every tweet and rant, we are just enabling him.”

     One is tempted to think he would self-destruct.

     I realize the concept of the media being that disciplined is pure fantasy, but it would be an interesting, and practical, solution to a major issue.

     I guess he could just start his own media outlet. That, at least that would take him off the national/international stage, and banish him to the lunatic fringes to join Rush Limbaugh and company.

     Wishful thinking, certainly, but, given the personality involved, totally ignoring him for a week (maybe forever!) could work. Unfortunately, that would require the cooperation and discipline of the media, and that requires even greater wishful thinking.

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