My third Golden Fleece Award goes to U.S. Senator Rick Scott from Florida for his 11-point plan to “Rescue America”. He claims in the introduction to his plan that the militant left now controls the entire federal government, the news media, academia, Hollywood, and most corporate boardrooms. He also claims that they are redefining America, and silencing their opponents.

    He states that, among the things they plan to change or destroy are: American history, patriotism, border security, the nuclear family, gender, traditional morality, capitalism, fiscal responsibility, opportunity, rugged individualism, Judeo-Christian values, dissent, free speech, color blindness, law enforcement, religious liberty, parental involvement in public schools, and private ownership of firearms.

     I have to say that the Democratic Party would be thrilled to think they could be 1% of that organized to achieve anything close to what Scott claims they are doing.

     He further states that, and I quote:

     “Our government has created the highest debt in human history • Americans are afraid to speak their minds for fear of being silenced and cancelled by the woke elitists • Our children are being poisoned by a false political agenda in their schools • Inflation is a tax placed on us by politicians who waste our money • Our inept withdrawal from Afghanistan dishonored the sacrifices of thousands of Americans and encouraged our enemies • Our porous southern border is a national crisis • Our cities are overrun by theft, violence, and a 30% increase in murder.

     • Our government is making us less energy independent and killing jobs • American war fighters are being indoctrinated with left-wing woke foolishness and kicked out of the military because of the ‘Big Brother’ vax mandate • Our government is eroding our work ethic by paying people not to work • We are allowing biological males to destroy women’s sports • Our kids are taught to hate America and divide each other by skin color • The FBI is spying on concerned parents who speak out at school board meetings • Washington’s economy is growing, America’s economy is shrinking • Lethal drugs are pouring into our country from China and our southern border.”

     Scott’s narrative is well-crafted in the sense that there are some good ideas buried in it. However, each good idea is linked to something else that is myopic, Trump-inspired, or just plain nuts. At the end, after a good rabble-rousing finish, you are supposed to sign up that you agree with the whole plan. Even his own Republican Party comrades have belittled his ideas, and have vowed to fight against them appearing in the Republican Party platform for 2022 and 2024. He definitely deserves the Golden Fleece Award.

     An example of a good idea is term limits for Congress. However, he also wants term limits for all government bureaucrats, which would result in complete chaos at all levels, when a complete turnover happens every five years, as he proposes. An example of a nutty, Trump-inspired idea is that he wants to complete the wall all along the U.S. southern border and name it the Donald Trump wall. Maybe I should give him a Golden Fleece Award for each of his nutty ideas?

     In the same vein, he wants a sunset clause on all laws. He argues that, if the law is worthwhile, it can be re-introduced. Again, a grain of sense in that there are thousands of laws on the books that could and should be eliminated. However, totally nutty in the sense that law-makers would have time to do nothing else except re-enact old laws. The “fifteenth” Golden Fleece Award!!!!!!

     Scott’s eleventh point states: “We are Americans, not globalists. America will be dependent on NO other country. We will conduct no trade that takes away jobs or displaces American workers. Countries who oppose us at the UN will get zero financial help from us. We will be energy independent and build supply chains that never rely on our adversaries. We will only help countries that are willing to defend themselves, like Israel.” What the hell has Israel got to do with this except, perhaps, that a significant chunk of Scott’s political fund probably comes from that community?

     This is pure Trump-inspired isolationism which, as we all know is stupid, dangerous, myopic and impossible.

     The “Icing on the cake” of mis-information, mis-direction in Scott’s plan is that he claims “Today’s Democrat Party is trying to rig elections and pack the courts because they have given up on Democracy. They don’t believe they can win based on their ideas, so they want to game the system and legalize voter fraud to stay in power. In true Orwellian fashion, Democrats refer to their election rigging plans as “voting rights”. We won’t allow the radical left to destroy our democracy by institutionalizing dishonesty and fraud”.

     Isn’t that exactly what Republican law-makers are doing all over the country to try and restrict democratic voters from casting their vote? Hypocrisy doesn’t even come close to describing Scott’s comments. Those comments alone deserve a double Golden Fleece Award…at least.           

     I urge all my readers to go on line and read the eleven-point plan. Just type in Senator Rick Scott and a link to his Golden Fleece worthy plan will appear. It is important for all of us to know what Republicans in general, and Trump fanatics in particular, are being fed as Republican Party doctrine.

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