I thought it was time for a few “home truths”, at least “home truths” from my perspective. I am stretching the meaning of “Home Truth” a little to include the world as our Home.

     To hell with being politically correct, or super-sensitive to the feelings of other people. We all think these thoughts, but we are mostly too concerned with the consequences of expressing them to act. The result is that we internalize them, and frustrate ourselves in the process.

     I should like to request, before I start, that you send me your politically incorrect thoughts/beliefs, and I promise to publish them, with or without credit, as you request.

     It should be fun and, perhaps revealing, but certainly therapeutic. So, here goes.

1. Vladimir Putin wants a war with the West. In his mind, it would make him the hero who re-established the Russian Empire and would put his legacy in the same framework as Stalin, Catherine the Great, and Peter the Great. He doesn’t care about anything else and going down in flames doesn’t seem to have occurred to him – the ultimate megalomaniac.

2. Xi Jinping wants to establish China as the ruler of the world. He believes it is China’s destiny and, of course, he believes it is his right to lead that world society. He appears to have forgotten the long-held Chinese strategy of long-term thinking and planning because he realizes that he will not live forever, and therefore has a limited timeframe to achieve his, and China’s destiny. That makes him even more dangerous than Putin.

3. The Republican Party in the United States is following a path towards religious control of politics and dictatorial governance. The writers of the Party Platform for the 2024 election openly want to install virtual complete political and administrative power in the White House over all aspects of the country’s governance. The ability to hire and fire who they want, when they want, and at all levels, based purely on subservience and loyalty to their man in the White House. Dictatorship, here we come.

4. The United Kingdom will eventually confront the fraud that led to Brexit, and take its rightful place as a leader of the European Union again. The whole concept of Brexit was a fraud inflicted on the country mainly by two egomaniacs and consummate liars; Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage, both of whom should be consigned to the dustbin of history, now and for all time. Time to wake up the British lion.

5. The democratic world should come together and establish criteria that will confirm freedom of the press while, at the same time, instituting systems and education programs that instill a consummate responsibility to the public. They can start by eliminating the two criteria that override all other considerations in what they report: namely sensationalism and “angles”. Tell us the truth without bias or spin – we have enough of that from our politicians. We don’t need multiple sources of fabrications, twisted information and lies.

6. In Western nations, and perhaps I should include every nation, all radical clerics of any description who incite violence against the state or its citizens, particularly those clerics that target the young, should be defrocked and silenced. Freedom of speech comes with societal responsibility and, in my humble opinion, is should not be extended to a freedom to incite violence. That road leads to anarchy, and chaos. I include all radical clerics whether they be Islamic, Catholic, Evangelical or any other.

7. The climate change debate should acknowledge that there are at least two factors at play in the changes that are occurring on our planet: the long-term cyclical changes that we know have occurred over the ages, and will almost certainly continue to occur; and the effect that human activity has on those changes. Mixing these two factors, as the climate-change fanatics love to do, just confuses the general public to the point where they won’t care until it directly affects them in a dramatic way, which may well be too late to avert a catastrophe. The long-term cycles we almost certainly can do nothing about because we currently don’t have the knowledge to do so, but the human activity contributions to those changes, we can do something about. We need to work hard on the latter and spend a great deal more time and effort on researching the former.

     These are obviously only a sampling of “Home Truths”. I will continue to add to them over time, together with your help.

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