What happened to middle of the road politics? The essence of democracy is the idea that compromise is a fundamental process that produces the best results for all the people.

      We have obviously lost that concept recently in the United States and it may, in fact, have been slowly eroding for many decades.

      I have been wondering what sort of traction a candidate for public office would have who espoused the following two concepts together as his/her platform. This idea will sound like total sacrilege to both sides of the current political divide but might just be a program that would move the country forward, assuming the proponent wasn’t shot first, probably by both sides at the same time.

      The two concepts are: (1) that people on welfare who can work should be required to do so, preferably on public projects, to continue receiving benefits. AND, runaway capitalism should be subject to regulation and taxes for the public good. In other words, tackling the two ends of the exploitation spectrum in our current society at the same time.

      Can you imagine anyone running on that combined ticket? It’s difficult to even contemplate under the current political situation in the U.S. And, no, I am too old now to try it, although I am tempted.

      Welfare programs are an essential, and moral, safety net in a civilized society for those who, regardless of the reason, are unable to support themselves at a humane level. However, such programs should be directly linked to other programs that provide an obligatory pathway out of welfare dependency. AND, if the person is capable of working, they should work on public projects in order to receive the benefits. Fourth and fifth generations of families on welfare are just as much an abuse of society as having more money than Croesus with restraining regulation.

      Out-of-control capitalism is also a blight on a civilized society. Corporations that can exploit the general public without fear of retribution from the government, and filthy-rich individuals who can impose their will on legislation and public opinion by using that wealth are both part of out-of-control capitalism.

      We are all aware that many/most major corporations pay almost no tax, and buy politicians to ensure that ability is maintained. It’s called lobbying, but it’s total bribery and corruption. The old phrase, “We have the best politicians, money can buy”, comes to mind.

      In terms of filthy-rich individuals, I will use one example that has recently been featured in the national press, someone who has enough money to coerce/buy politicians to further their own individual goals. I could use Elon Musk but, instead, I will use someone that most of us have never heard of; Tim Dunn. Tim Dunn, is a Texas oil magnet who believes that everyone, at all levels of society and politics, should be subject to, and controlled by, his Christian god. Indeed, he believes that anyone who is not a Christian – his definition, of course – is not a true American.

      Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion, but Dunn has enough money to bribe and control most state political officials in Texas. AND, to actively persecute, and drive from office, anyone who doesn’t follow his wishes – he is actually doing this, today. That’s way too much freedom and influence for anyone in a democracy.

      I think that someone running on a ticket to attack all of these abuses at the same time would find tremendous traction with the voting public. It might even galvanize the political center of the country into action and push the fanatics on both the left and the right back into their individual holes. The problem would be the reaction of both existing political parties, and the infrastructure they have created to ensure their continuing control over American political life. They would both freak out, and regard such a candidate as heretical at best, and certainly deserving of a quick assassination. (Another reason I am reluctant to take up the cause!).

      Such a martyr would be difficult to find – I’m somewhat glad I am too old, or I might be stupid enough to give it a go.

      The only possible route would be to declare himself/herself as an independent, which, unfortunately in the U.S., is usually the kiss of death in politics, if not the realty in this case.       Perhaps we can start looking for someone who is willing to give his/her life for their country. There must be someone out there, somewhere.

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