It is refreshing to receive some substantial news that promises significant progress on the world environmental front. In fact, in today’s world, it is good to receive some substantial news that promises significant progress on any world front.

     That news is that Prince William and Sir David Attenborough have launched what they call “Earthshot”.

     “Earthshot” is a prize, rather like the Nobel Prizes that will give five awards, each for one million pounds sterling, every year for ten years.

     “We hope that this “Earthshot” Prize reaches everyone around the world,” the Prince explained, “from communities, schools, right up to banks, governments, corporations – anyone and everyone is a part of this and anyone could find solutions that we need.” Even suggestions that “may sound crackpot” are welcome, added Sir David, so long as they have the potential to make a difference on what he called “the world scale”.

     The fact that the Prize is being launched by two of the most respected people in the world today, means it has a chance to succeed. They both have the standing, and the integrity, to ignore any attempted political or corruptive influences. We, the people of Planet Earth, should be grateful and supportive.

     Sir David’s life, and his long list of books and documentaries, more than qualifies him as the world’s leading spokesman on the environment and the frailty of Planet Earth – you could even call him the world’s conscience on such matters. His latest book, and TV series, are stark reminders of the problems faced by us and the Planet, and document the imminent necessity of solid, practical, solutions. Prince William, for his part, has picked up the baton from his father, Price Charles, who has campaigned tirelessly all his life to save the environment.

     “Earthshot” Prizes are intended as “universal goals to repair our planet by 2030” and will go to the best and most innovative ideas that will help:

  • Protect and restore nature
  • Clean our air
  • Revive our oceans
  • Build a waste-free world
  • Fix our climate

     The name “Earthshot” was chosen to echo the “Moonshot” program in the 1960’s that enabled the U.S. to put a man on the moon. The “Moonshot” galvanized the whole world. Let’s hope “Earthshot” does the same thing, for all out sakes. As Sir David said,

“The need for action has never been more urgent.”

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