Many of us make New Year’s resolutions, and most of us break them in the first few hours, if not minutes, of January. Even realizing this sad situation, we still persist in making them. Perhaps that indomitable wish for improvement in our lives should receive more recognition. It might turn more resolutions into actions. Perhaps we should also make Resolutions for our World as well.

I’ve been trying to formulate some of these basic Resolutions for our World. Arrogant, perhaps, futile, maybe, worthwhile, definitely. The scope is so enormous that I think the only sensible way to address the task is with an enormous dollop of caustic humour. So here goes, in no particular order……apart from number 1!


1. Remove Donald Trump from the U.S. Presidency. Can you even begin to imagine the positive opportunities that will open up?

2. The United Kingdom should re-join the European Union. Hopefully that will also get rid of the U.K.’s resident clown and con-artist, Boris.

3. Vladimir Putin should be told by the Western allies that if he puts one more foot anywhere near the borders of any more sovereign nations, the collective wrath of Western unity will descend on his head. Putin is KGB, and always has been, despite buying nice suits in Saville Row in London. He should be treated like the dictator, murderer and false communist he is. (His personal net worth of $70-$200 billion should be confiscated).

4. The U.S. should send a carrier task force on a formal visit to Taiwan, making sure they transit the Taiwan Straits before docking in Taipei. This should be accompanied by a formal message to Xi Jinping, which simply says, “Just try it”.

5. The U.S. should abolish the Electoral College and, finally, create a presidential election process that is actually democratic. The hypocrisy of the current presidential election system is intolerable, arcane, undemocratic in the extreme, and embarrassing.

6. My pet peeve: The U.S. should federalize all U.S. public education under one National system. This is the only way the U.S. can possibly address the current dream of equal opportunity for all its citizens. In my opinion, the emphasis on trying to eliminate racial discrimination is a futile pipe dream. We are all tribal and always have been. We must face that fact and deal with it. Equal opportunity, however, is possible and ought to be a primary National responsibility. States’ rights be damned.

7. The U.S, should set aside its concept of individual rights in this time of the COVID19 pandemic. You will all damn well get vaccinated whether you like it or not. In this case community responsibility overrides individual rights and freedoms.

7.  We should combine all efforts to colonize the moon, and beyond, as an Earth priority. We will be hit by a life-destroying meteorite at some point. More likely, in the short term, by a life-destroying political or pandemic calamity. Our species needs somewhere to go!

8. We should teach history at all levels of our societies. There is a chance that we might learn from it, and, therefore, not be doomed to repeat it. A recent documentary on the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic shows it almost exactly mirrors today’s COVID19 pandemic. We didn’t learn a damn thing from that experience of only a hundred years ago. Think what we might learn if we paid attention to all of human history.

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    Number 8. History is nearly always written by the winners – except in the case of the Barbarians , who could not write, when it was written by the defeated Romans, who could. As we are learning even this statement is being questioned with the reinterpretation of history by our younger and more “politically correct” brethren. What we thought was fact is no longer being held as true.
    Can you imagine what history would be taught if the Donald had succeeded in “winning bigly” this last election?

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