The idea that some jumped-up, self-idolizing hick from the lower end of the American media circus could be anything other than a patsy for Putin’s propaganda was totally ludicrous from the beginning. The reality turned out to be a classic case of “aiding and abetting the enemy” for which Tucker Carlson should be sued for treason and have his citizenship revoked.

      Apart from being a pathetic example of journalistic incompetence, and a tribute to his adoration of Putin and all he stands for, Carlson’s interview with Putin this week was extremely dangerous.

      Tucker Carlson obviously has a following in Trump’s “maga” movement, and they will probably lap up everything Putin had to say. That’s mainly because they see his words echoed in their messiah’s words, actions and plans. If that’s not treason, and promoting insurrection on the part of Carlson and Trump, I don’t know what is!

      It was obvious from the beginning of this fiasco that the only reason Putin granted the interview was because he knew he could completely control it, and send his lies and propaganda, verbatim, out through a U.S. media outlet patsy. He has suppressed any media in his own country that have even attempted to question his dictums, and he has never even considered granting an interview to any foreign journalist before Carlson. The naïve, arrogant, stupidity of Tucker Carlson in even thinking he could do anything but positively promote Putin to the U.S. public is, frankly, criminal and should be treated as such. Unfortunately, naïve stupidity is not a crime. If it was, there aren’t enough prisons in the world to house all such exponents of this trait. Treason, however, is very definitely a crime.

      The reaction of the mainstream media after the airing of the interview with Putin has been pretty damning but has stopped short of calling it treason. I don’t know why, since accepting such a fiasco in any way, only encourages it. It will be interesting to see if Trump says he supports what Carlson did, showing Trump’s true colors and his idolization of Putin yet again. Putin is Trump’s model for what Trump wants to achieve in the U.S. – a flat-out dictatorship.

      Freedom of the press is one thing. Treason is completely different.

      It’s tempting to write off this astounding nonsense of Carlson’s interview as just that, nonsense. However,doing that implies it is harmless stupidity, which it very definitely isn’t. When it’s given to an audience that whole-heartedly believes that Trump did not try and overturn the U.S. Government on January 6, 2022 and that he had the election stolen from him, it contributes to Trump’s playbook for returning to power. The collective, sensible, media should at least issue a reprimand/censure to Tucker Carlson for degrading the profession of journalism and aiding and abetting the enemy of the American State and its people.

      Of course, they won’t have the guts to do that. They will prevaricate, with a multitude of excuses as to why such drastic action should not be taken, but that’s pure cowardice and dereliction of their public duty.

      I fully realise that I can be accused of a “rant” here, and it’s true. However, I think it’s time to stand up to somethings that could threaten our way of life. If Tucker Carlson’s naïve stupidity contributes to Trump’s possibility of being re-elected, and Trump carries out his stated plans of up-ending the American way of life, a la Vladimir Putin, then Carlson’s laughable conduct becomes a very serious matter and should be dealt with quickly and effectively. Public hanging, maybe in Times Square, New York, comes to mind.

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    And… as much as Trump likes to be the center of attention, I’ve always thought a Lucite box in Times Square would be the most appropriate prison for him lest we ever forget what a threat he was to the Republic. And assuming he does not have blanket immunity which he most certainly does not.

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