The end of mankind sounds like the title of a horror movie about a massive comet collision with the earth, or a malignant worldwide pandemic. Although these theoretical events are almost certain to happen at some point, no-one can predict if they will happen tomorrow afternoon, or in 10,000 years time. However, there is one catastrophic event that is more predictable and could culminate in the demise of the human race within twenty-five years . That creeping event is the rapid decline in worldwide sperm counts.


I have written two previous blogs on this topic but I have the feeling that they may not have had the impact on my readers that it deserves. So, I have edited and re-written it yet again, and will continue to do so. The topic is frightening, personal, and reveals a hidden truth that could be catastrophic to mankind’s future in just a few short years.

     The book this blog is based on reports that worldwide sperm counts have dropped almost 60% since 1973, and could reach zero by 2045. I have no reason to believe that this report is anything but the truth.

     Zero. Think about it. That would mean no babies. No reproduction. No more humans. No more mankind. And that date is only 25 years away. The end of mankind might be closer than we think.

     Why isn’t the UN calling an emergency meeting on this right now?

     This dramatic fall in human reproductive capability is attributed to chemicals that are found in everything from plastic containers and food wrapping, to waterproof clothes and fragrances They are found in cleaning products, soaps, shampoos, electronics and carpeting. Some of them, called PFAS, are known as “forever chemicals”, because they don’t breakdown in the environment, or in the human body. They just accumulate, and accumulate – doing more and more damage, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day. The book finds that, on average, a man today has half of the sperm his grandfather did.   

     If that wasn’t bad enough, the book is staggering in its other findings. “In some parts of the world, the average twenty-something woman today is less fertile than her grandmother was at 35. The current state of reproductive capabilities can’t continue much longer without threatening human survival. It’s a global existential crisis. That’s not hyperbole, it’s just science”, the book adds.

     Previous research has found that PFAS chemicals harm sperm production, disrupts the male hormone, and is correlated with a “reduction of semen quality, testicular volume and penile length”.

     If that statement doesn’t get someone’s attention, nothing will. We are talking about the possible, even probable, the end of mankind on Earth.

     These chemicals are killing us, literally, by harming and attacking the very source of life, our reproductive capabilities. Even allowing for some sensationalism in the research, there simply is no time to lose if the human race is to survive another hundred years.

Again, is this the end of mankind? We tend to think that the end of mankind will be the result of a pandemic or a meteor strike but it may well be much closer to home than those more popular ideas.


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    This is truly frightening, forever chemicals. I thought it would be by a Nuclear war or a meteor but I guess it will be forever chemicals.

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