You cannot argue with faith using logic!

In fact you can’t argue with faith at all. God is, by faith’s definition, all seeing and always right. The fact that there are multiple religions and sects in the world and each believes in something different, and often in a different god, doesn’t seem to affect faith at all.

It doesn’t matter what the religion, what the era in human history, what the educational level or the social standing in the community of those involved, faith is faith and regardless of any facts or evidence to the contrary they will still believe. It is every church’s most effective tool for control of their faithful and, I must say, it has proved a brilliant concept and strategy for exercising that control throughout the ages.

The reason I put the U.S. National Rifle Association into the category of a religion is that it fits all of the criteria I just mentioned. The gun lobby doctrine that requires their faithful to think that it is their right to own weapons that can and do kill multiple people in multiple situations makes no logical sense in modern society that lives in an interdependent environment.

The fact that twenty-nine people were killed, in two separate incidents, while they were shopping in a local supermarket, and the only response by officials was to wring their hands and pray for the families, speaks to the indoctrination by the Church of the NRA.

It is difficult to see how this could change no matter how many women, children and men are killed and it doesn’t even seem to matter who they are: presidential candidates, people in church, people at a rock concert, even your own child opening your bedroom door at three o’clock in the morning all have been victims, and still the faithful believe what they have been indoctrinated to believe that “Guns don’t kill people”, people kill people.

I have a close friend who is well-educated, a retired commander in the U.S. Navy and someone who grew up on a farm in New England but has lived all his life in cities. When I cornered him once on guns in the U.S. he answered me by saying “when I’m riding my horse across the prairie, and I come across a rattlesnake, I have to be able to protect myself.” I said, “Julian, did you listen to what you just said? If that’s not regurgitated indoctrination, I don’t know what is. Straight NRA propaganda! You’ve never been anywhere near a horse or a prairie in your life.”

Finally, and this is the real irony, the U.S. Constitution does not guarantee the individual the right to bear arms. It guarantees the right to bear arms as part of a duly constituted State militia. It was written to allow states to protect themselves from invasion by other states and by the federal government. The NRA has lobbied to conveniently forget the last part of the sentence.

BUT, you can’t argue logic with faith, so I have little, non-religious, faith that even knowledge of that part of the Constitution will change anything.

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