Trump is he a Murderer. I am slightly amazed that President Donald Trump has not been accused of murder. After all, he has encouraged people to drink Lysol, which would kill them, he has told people the COVID19 virus will “simply disappear like a miracle” and he has offered a multitude of other idiotic and very dangerous statements that have resulted in a death rate in the United States that, this week, past a quarter of a million people.

     I realize he is not entirely to blame for all those deaths but he has certainly been an accomplice. The fact that he didn’t physically kill them would make it difficult to bring legal action, but his blatant irresponsibility and his rhetoric have aided and abetted the virus killing spree.

     I also realize that arresting the President of the United States for murder is a somewhat fanciful dream but, surely, he ought to be held accountable in some way. Perhaps losing the election by a landslide (His words when he won by the same numbers in 2016) is the most we can expect.

     However, given the number of legal and other precedents that have been broken during his term in office, and especially during the election campaign, it is surprising that someone, or some entity, hasn’t broken another one and started legal proceedings against him, even though he is President.

     I know there is a New York based legal storm gathering against his financial shenanigans, but why has there been no accusation of murder. Even the worst serial killers haven’t ever come close to the totals of dead Americans for whom Donald Trump could be held indirectly responsible.

     The Trump Campaign team have filed over thirty frivolous court cases since the election so, surely, a sincere but doomed filing of a murder case would not be so out of the ordinary. In fact, it would have far more merit than the thirty cases the Campaign have filed.

     Accusing the President of the United States of murder is obviously a serious step and, realistically, it would go nowhere in the U.S. legal system. Even so, the question, Trump is he a murderer, reflects reality.

     I think the fact that Donald Trump would go down in history as the only U.S. President to be indicted for murdering his own people would be worth the fallout risk of such an action. The thought of such a legacy slur might even break into his current megalomaniacal fantasy world.

     One would hope so but, in reality, it’s highly unlikely.

     The bottom line is more positive. He lost, so he is the past, and he can and should be ignored as soon as possible. The stain on America’s reputation that the country will have to mitigate in the future will take a great deal of effort and work. Internationally, the U.S. has become a hypocritical joke in terms of being a beacon of democracy and a fraud in terms of being a reliable ally.

     Joe, you have a huge task ahead of you. The good news is that you have the experience, humility and empathy to succeed, even if your party is in disarray. Go for it.

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