The chaos, shambles, and debilitating mess created by the United Kingdom’s now ex-Prime Minister is also a golden opportunity. The old saying that every disaster contains the seeds of new opportunity could be expanded to say that the bigger the disaster, the greater the opportunity. Liz Truss’ exit from 10 Downing Street is possibly that golden opportunity.

     Could it be that the road ahead embraces ditching of the anomaly and stupidity called Brexit?

     Granted, continued stupidity could result in the return of Boris Johnson but one can hope that there are enough sensible heads left in the Conservative Party to ignore the media circus, and find someone who can restore stability through experience, common sense and wisdom.

     The news of Liz Truss’s resignation broke just as leaders of the current European Council Summit started walking up the red carpet to speak to reporters. Luxembourg’s Prime Minister Xavier Bettel encapsulated the overall feeling when he started listing the UK leaders he’s known since 2016. He added, “The consequence of Brexit brings instability in the UK now,” he told reporters.

     “Attributing instability in the U.K. to Brexit is a common belief amongst those who remain dedicated to the EU cause and who could never quite understand Britain’s decision to depart. Now, six years after that decision, Europe is facing an energy crisis, economic worries and a war on European soil. Strong cooperation with UK – a major economy and defence power – is genuinely valued and desired even more than it was before”.

     A golden opportunity can arise from the ashes of Liz Truss’ naïve arrogance. It could be the beginning of the United Kingdom’s return to membership, and a leadership role, in the European Union.

     We should all remember that the Brexit gang led by Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage have publically admitted that their successful campaign to take Britain out of the European Union was based on multiple and deliberate lies. They made up statistics to create fear among the younger generation and resurrect bad World War II memories among the older generations – “Germany won’t lose a third time” being one of the more direct slogans that were bandied around at the time.

     Brexit has badly affected the British economy, the U.K.’s image in the world and the country’s role as an international business and banking centre. Perhaps more importantly, Brexit was a knee-jerk reaction to a blatant, totally self-centered power play by Boris Johnson. In many ways, it was exactly the same strategy as his buddy, Donald Trump. To hell with the country, or anything else for that matter, I want power, and what is the best thing I can use to get it. Neither man believes in anything but himself. Everything else is just there to be used in their manic, egotistical quest for power. Remember, also, that Boris’ life goal, stated clearly when he was in school, was to be an “emperor”.

     It’s time to wake up and put Brexit into the category and perspective it deserves; an anomaly and a very stupid, regressive idea.

     Britain has taken a hammering in the last few days and weeks but it has been presented with a golden opportunity to get back on track for its future. Let’s hope that the person who replaces Liz Truss has the courage, tenacity, strength and commitment to make the decisions necessary regardless of the noise from the irresponsible media and the voices of fear and regressive nationalism in the population.

     Winston Churchill, where are you?

     As I was publishing this week’s blogs, on Sunday afternoon, late breaking news said Boris had removed himself from the race. Thank god, we now stand a chance of picking up the pieces in a responsible way!

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